Director's Message

Education kindles the power and glory that lie within us. It is a harmonious combination of head, heart, and hands. Bhagwandas Shakuntala Devi Women Educational Institute is an institution with an astonishing blend of the old and the new; a deeply committed management, master teachers, and spirited students. We, at Bhagwandas Shakuntala Devi Women Educational Institute, aimed at developing self-reliant, conscientious students by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to create a strong identity for themselves, in the world which is reshaping itself at an unprecedented pace with the puissance of globalization and technology. In this present era of the digitalized world, lies a challenge before every educator to nurture the young minds with holistic education.

The college provides a congenial platform to students for honing their talents both academically and in co-curricular activities. This makes them immensely capable of facing the future with sanguineness and resilience. It is to be remembered that the mind is not merely a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled. As long as the ideas are evinced and thoughts ignited, one can be sure of learning as everything begins with an idea.

Bhagwandas Shakuntala Devi Women Educational Institute holds high the banner of unity, integrity, and secularism and wishes students the very best in their educational, personal and professional evolution. With immense pride, I acknowledge the contribution of the dedicated and experienced academic and administrative staff to various endeavors undertaken by the college. We are always hands-on to ensure that our student’s raison d'être are adequately addressed.

Your valuable suggestions are always welcome.

Yogesh Chand Jaiswal